Tips n’ Tricks: How to Start an Art Collection

You may be thinking  the “art world” can be intimidating and you might not know where to begin when starting your personal Art Collection. There are so many unique and different artists that sometimes it is hard to narrow it down. Take heart, friends! There is no need to worry; we’ve provided three simple tips to keep in mind when voyaging out into the (seemingly treacherous) art buying world.

  1) Expose yourself to Art: Check out local events to support local artists and find pieces that are unique to your area. Don’t forget about art expo’s, galleries, or even competitions that might be going on around town. Check out an Art Museum, they will provide a large amount of inspiration and information on artist backgrounds. Who knows, you might be able to relate to an artists’ story, giving more meaning to that artist and their particular style.

 2) Buy pieces you LOVE: This may sound like a no-brainer, but once you’ve jumped into the world of art you’ll be more aware of pieces that you like and don’t like. The odds are that you won’t enjoy a piece as much if you don’t appreciate what is has to offer. Stick to what you know; styles and artists you’re attracted to.  Stick with your instincts…this is your collection!

3) Don’t forget to display: By now you may find yourself with a few pieces of art in hand. Don’t let them just sit there; put them up for display! You’re an art owner, be proud! Keep display strategies such as gallery walls in mind, use what your space has to offer. Find frames that compliment your piece without taking away from the focus. Keep your displays simple; the display isn’t the focus, your art is!

Hopefully these simple tips will give you confidence is starting your very own art collection AND make your collection the envy of others!

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