Get Creative, Locally! August 2017 Edition

Just like that July is over, and September will be here in the blink of an eye! Take a peak at what we’ve rounded up for the month of August. Like always, get out there and get creative!

8/3: Messy Hands Toddler Art- The NHC Main Library will be hosting an event for you and your toddlers to get creative! The event will be held from 10:00-11:00 am. All of the supplies will be provided, but registration is suggested. You can register by calling 910-798-6303 or by going to

8/4: Art Double Feature: Curious Collaborations- Art in Bloom gallery will be hosting an opening reception for two different shows! Talk about a two for one! The reception will start at 6:00pm and end at 9:00pm. The two shows that will be featured are Making Masks: A collaboration by Elizabeth Darrow and Dave Klinger and Sharing a Room: Plein-Air Art by Carole Osman, Pamela Mork-Keegan, and Linda Sellsa. The opening is free and will also provide wonderful music by flutist Sallie Dunn.

8/7: Color Me Calm- NHC Pleasure Island Library hosts a hour of relaxing coloring for adults. Drop by on Mondays between 1 and 2 pm for coloring and quiet. Supplies and soothing music will be provided. The event is free and no registration is needed.

8/8: Art in Story Park- Take your little one for a quick story and an art based activity afterwards at Story Park next to the Main Library.  This event is free and will provide all of the art supplies! Story times vary from 9:30 am(babies), 10:00 (toddlers), and 10:30 (preschoolers).

8/12: Art Fun in August- The children’s museum of Wilmington will be hosting a small event from 9:00 am – 12:00pm that will allow you and your little ones to play around with different art mediums.

8/21: Total Eclipse of the Art- Eclipse Artisan Boutique will be hosting an Artists meet and greet the day of the Solar Eclipse. This is an event you wouldn’t want to miss! There will be exclusive pieces by local artists available as well. There will also be an original piece of work raffled off, all of the raffle proceeds will be donated to DREAMS of Wilmington.

8/21: Art for the Masses Applications- UNCW Art for the Masses Application will be open starting on the 21st and will close on September 29th. Art for the Masses aims to make local art available to everyone. The event this year is scheduled to be held on November 18th. For more information and applications you can contact

That wraps it up for the month of August, but if you know of more events please let us know! If you find yourself at any of these events use the hashtags #getcreativelocally or #PFA on social media so we can check them out! We’d love to see you supporting the community!

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Get Creative, Locally! July 2017 Edition

We’re finally at the peak of summer! July is always an exciting month with the Independence Day activities. This month we’re adding a little more than just local art events we’ve also listed some great art camps/classes!  If you’re interested in finally starting your artistic endeavors…lucky you, because you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up some classes that are held in the area to get your creative juices flowing. Even better, we’ve listed some options that will entice your little ones into the art world! Get ready to mark “become an artist” off your bucket list!

7/11- Art in Story Park: Take your little one for a quick story and fun art based activity afterwards at Story Park next to the Main Library.  This event is free and will provide all of the art supplies! Story times vary from 9:30 am(babies), 10:00 (toddlers), and 10:30 (preschoolers).

The Cameron Art Museum is a great place to start looking for classes. All of the classes are taught by local artists in the area! They offer Adult/Youth studio classes as well as weekend workshops. The studio classes range from painting to drawing and everything in between. Check out their classes here to find one that is a great fit for you!

If you’re interested in painting a great option would be the ArtWorks gallery. They have a handful of painting instructors and one who offers expertise on the art of colored pencil. For more information on how to contact these wonderful instructors check here!

If you’re interested in something more fun and light don’t leave out Wine and Design! It’s definitely a fun way to get creative and pick up a few basic painting tricks! Or if painting isn’t for you, and you’d rather work with you hands check out Fat Cat Pottery; they offer pottery classes that involve hand building, glazing, and learning how to use the potter’s wheel.

Friends School of Wilmington hosts half-day art camps for your “Mini- Monets”. For more information, time, and pricing contact Tracy Tertzagian at or by phone at (910)792-1811.

That wraps it up for the month of July, but if you know of more events please let us know! If you find yourself at any of these events or camps use the hashtags #getcreativelocally or #PFA on social media so we can check them out! We’d love to see you supporting the community!

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Get Creative, Locally! June 2017 Edition

Out with the old and in with the new! With May behind us we are ready to welcome June with open arms. The warmer weather is sure to have you itching to get out and get creative! Here are this months events down below!

6/1- Natural Milieu: Recent Works and New Genre Collaborations: This show will be held at Cape Fear Community Colleges’ Wilma W. Daniels Gallery located on 200 Hanover Street. The Artist on display will be Janette K. Hopper including a wide variety of her paintings, prints, and projections that display her love for nature. What better way to start off June? The show opening will be from 12pm-5pm.

6/1- Art Exhibit: American Graffiti: This exhibit is located at Flytrap Brewing downtown and will be held open until the end of the month. Nathan Ryan Verwey is the featured Artist; it includes his works about graffiti, people, and how they’ve influenced art.

6/3- Elements of Creation:  This exhibit features works by Brian Evans, Georgeann Haas, and Judy Hintz Cox. It will be held downtown at Art in Bloom Gallery off of Princess Street. The works included vary from ceramics, mixed media, and collage. The exhibition will be open Tuesday – Saturday from 10am – 6pm.

6/10- Full Frontal Opening Reception: This event will be the kick off for Wabi Sabi Warehouse and their new show Full Frontal. The opening reception will include visual works, live performances, and a variety of installations. The reception will be held from 7pm-10pm. For more information and details check out their Facebook event here!

6/12- Hybrid Ocean Art Exhibit: This exhibit well be held downtown on Front Street at Expo 216 up until the end of July. The show features, “magic realist seascapes” by a local Artist, Cordelia Norris. These works are meant to engage the viewer by having them realize the danger of consumer plastics in the ocean.

6/14- Nevermore Exhibit: This show will feature local Artist, Dick Roberts. It will display different variations of bird paintings. This exhibit is held at the WHQR gallery downtown with hours running from 9am- 4pm, Monday through Friday. Nevermore will wrap up on July, 13th.

6/21- Art Explosion: Art Explosion is a free chance for you and your little ones to explore the art world and get creative. It will be held in the Children’s Room at the Main Library on Chestnut Street. Starting at 10am, the event will provide free art materials and craft supplies.

That wraps it up for the month of June, but if you know of more events please let us know! If you find yourself at any of these events use the hashtags #getcreativelocally or #PFA on social media so we can check them out! We’d love to see you supporting the community!

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Feature Friday- Charlotte Oden

We’re coming at you this Friday with something a little new! Since Pay For Art is all about supporting local artists, we wanted to feature some that are apart of the Pay For Art Team! We’re going to call this new segment, ‘Feature Fridays’ and will come out with a new feature monthly. So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite gals, Charlotte (Char) Oden!

Char is a Wilmington local and has been working hard at pursuing her career as an artist. You can find her around town at different markets or teaching classes at the CAM. Lucky for us, we were able to ask her a few questions about her career. Read our interview below!

What called you to be an Artist? 
I’ve created art my entire life. My Mom was an art teacher when I was little.  She always had an easel set up for me in the house and chalk outside. I spent  a lot of time going through her art supplies… which she did not appreciate.”   

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career as an Artist?
“I could never really decide on anything else that I’d like to do. For me it was more about what type of art to work on. I love painting and drawing, but I also like to work with fashion design, photography, and fibers arts and design. It has always been hard to decide what is the most important thing for me to spend my time on.”

What is your preferred medium and what have you learned from it? 
“I love working with graphite, ink, and water color probably more than anything else right now. I specialize in mixed media so I’m always combining techniques and using lots of different supplies. Graphite is always a great place to start. I like to scan my sketches early in my process in case they change a ton. That way I still have the option to play around with the image digitally or try another solution traditionally.”

What does success mean to you as an Artist?
Success for me as an Artist is figuring out how to have time to create art that you like and care about while also being able to work creatively and make enough money to survive.”

When you’re in a creative lull where do you go for inspiration? 
” I like to watch friends and strangers. Sometimes it is fun to sketch in coffee shops but I prefer sketching in public in places where I don’t know anyone. That way I can just draw and stare at people and not have to worry about talking to people all the time. I also draw inspiration from music, film, and fashion.”

What’s your favorite movie? 

What’s your favorite dance move?
“Chicken Dance (Arrested Development).”

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?  
“Aix en Provence.”

What’s your favorite color?
“Yellow Ochre and Amber.”

 (Sunflower Nouveau)

We can’t thank Char enough for taking the time out of her busy schedule to chat with us! Most importantly, go snag some of her amazing pieces! Want to stay in her loop? Follow her social accounts!

Instagram: @charoden
Facebook: Char Oden Illustration
Twitter: @charoden


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Get Creative, Locally! May 2017 Edition

Hard to believe that it is already May! Where does the time go? Once again, we’ve rounded up local art events around town for the month of May. If you know of any other events, let us know! We’ll add it to the list!

5/1- Wilmington Paint Out & Bellamy Mansion Art Show: Both of these events are continuing over from April into this month; if you would like more information on these events, check out our previous post with the details here!

5/6- Garden Tour, Wine, and Sketching: Who wouldn’t want to sketch and sip the beautiful sites at Greenlands Farm? Follow along on a tour and sketch the beautiful farm  all while sipping on a nice glass of wine. The event is $20.00 per guest and you can make reservations by calling Greenlands Farm at (910) 253-7934

5/7- Artisan Market: Every Sunday up until October 25th Riverfront Park will be hosting an open market for artists to display their work on the water. Not only will it feature beautiful works of art it will feature music and more!

5/20-Carolina Beach Street Art Festival: Carolina Beach will be holding a street festival for artists from 10am to 4pm. They are seeking out more artists and different vendors, for more information check here!

5/24- Art by Cammeron: Abstract acrylic art of Cammeron Batanides held at Wilmington Tasting Room from 6-9pm.

If you find yourself at any of these events use the hashtags #getcreativelocally or #PFA on social media so we can check them out! We’d love to see you supporting the community!

Artists, if you would like our help in displaying your work at any of these events don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at

Tips n’ Tricks: How to Start an Art Collection

You may be thinking  the “art world” can be intimidating and you might not know where to begin when starting your personal Art Collection. There are so many unique and different artists that sometimes it is hard to narrow it down. Take heart, friends! There is no need to worry; we’ve provided three simple tips to keep in mind when voyaging out into the (seemingly treacherous) art buying world.

  1) Expose yourself to Art: Check out local events to support local artists and find pieces that are unique to your area. Don’t forget about art expo’s, galleries, or even competitions that might be going on around town. Check out an Art Museum, they will provide a large amount of inspiration and information on artist backgrounds. Who knows, you might be able to relate to an artists’ story, giving more meaning to that artist and their particular style.

 2) Buy pieces you LOVE: This may sound like a no-brainer, but once you’ve jumped into the world of art you’ll be more aware of pieces that you like and don’t like. The odds are that you won’t enjoy a piece as much if you don’t appreciate what is has to offer. Stick to what you know; styles and artists you’re attracted to.  Stick with your instincts…this is your collection!

3) Don’t forget to display: By now you may find yourself with a few pieces of art in hand. Don’t let them just sit there; put them up for display! You’re an art owner, be proud! Keep display strategies such as gallery walls in mind, use what your space has to offer. Find frames that compliment your piece without taking away from the focus. Keep your displays simple; the display isn’t the focus, your art is!

Hopefully these simple tips will give you confidence is starting your very own art collection AND make your collection the envy of others!

Need a jumpstart on where to find new pieces? Check out Pay For Art! We’ll provide you with Artists and Locations to find the perfect first piece!

Get Creative, Locally! April 2017 Edition

Hello, fellow Wilmingtonians and Pay For Art Team!

We’ve rounded up some local art events around town for the month of April 2017. Help support not only your community, but artists as well! Check out the list below to find an event for you!

4/3- Call for Artists: Wilmington Paint Out! En Plein Air style paintings around Wilmington. Hosted by the Arts Council of Wilmington; entry fee: $30. Interested in entering? Find out more information here!

4/5- Illustrated Lecture: “From the Fire” artist Shannon Brunskill. This lecture will be held at the Cameron Art Museum in Weyerhaeuser Reception Hall from 6:30 to 8 o’clock pm. For more information about the lecture or to purchase tickets click here and for more information on Shannon click here!

4/6- Bellamy Mansion Art Show: Open to artists 18 years or older. 70% of sales go to the artist and 30% is donated to the Mansion Museum. The entry fee for students is $10 and for the general public it is $20. The show will be on display until May 26th. For more details on this show click here!

4/6- Cape Fear Paint and Wine at River to Sea Gallery: Classes are taught by Rebecca Bush and will include two glasses of wine or beer (Who wouldn’t want to paint while sipping on a drink?). The classes are $40 per person and held at River to Sea Gallery from 6 to 8 o’clock pm. If you can’t make it to this Thursdays class, don’t fret! Classes will be held on Thursdays and Fridays throughout the month. To reserve your spot and find out more information check here!

4/8- Wabi Sabi Flou(we)r: find us here Opening Reception. This show will feature Wabi Sabi studio artists and some of their latest work! This is a public event and will be held at Wabi Sabi from 7 to 10 o’clock pm. If you’re interested in this event, more details will be provided here!

4/20- Surf City Fine Arts Exhibit: This event will be hosted at the Surf City Welcome and Visitor’s Center on Topsail Island from 6 to 9 o’clock pm. There is an open call to artists, so if you’re interested in displaying work, find details here. If you’re interested in the event please look at their Facebook page and their website here! Tickets in advance will be $6 per person and $8 at the door. Children under 12, sponsors, and volunteers get in free!

4/26- Emily Martian Art Opening: This event will be held downtown at the Wilmington Tasting Room starting at 6 o’clock pm. Emily’s work will be on display as well the opportunity to talk with her about her pieces.

If you find yourself at any of these events use the hashtags #getcreativelocally or #PFA on social media so we can check them out! We’d love to see you supporting the community!

Artists, if you would like our help in displaying your work at any of these events don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at


(Event information provided by Port City Daily)

Pay For Art in Local Media

Andrew Gray, creator of Pay For Art, had the pleasure of being on Good Morning Carolina with the the opportunity to talk about our new art buying platform. Pay For Art was also mentioned in Encore magazine, regarding our very first and successful Pop Up event.

If you missed our big debuts check them out here and here!

Support Local Businesses and Local Artists with Pay For Art

What’s better than supporting local businesses? Supporting local Artists! Pay For Art allows you to do both. Pay For Art is a platform for artists across town in different types of non traditional galleries.

We are currently holding art in seven different venues all throughout Wilmington, which includes Bombers Bev Co., Coastal Cupcakes, Century 21 Sweyer & Associates, Epic Food Co., Palate Bottle Shop & Reserve and right here at the founding office, Tayloe/Gray. Local artists will soon be featuring their artwork in Sweet & Savory as well! Stop by any of these small businesses to view artwork from local artists. 

If you would like to sign up as an artist or venue, please request a beta invite here!


California Wrap-Up

The Pay For Art team recently made it’s way back from a Pop Up show in Glendale, California. The show featured eight local artists at Brewyard Beer Company as well as musical guest Aaron B. Tripp. The art on display varied from custom coloring books, prints, paintings, and everything in between. All of the featured artists used PayForArt as a platform and were easily able to sell their work. The Pop Up event sold 14 pieces of art within two hours.

We want to thank all of the artists who participated and those of you that came out to make this event a huge success!

If you’re interested in becoming apart of the PayForArt team click here!